Captivated with “tourist jewel” called Cat Ba
Coming from a country of Tien Lang district, the years in the Army stationed in Cat Ba, a chance to sit watching the water, such as jade green and landscape lyrical, poetic by nature endowed here, I’ve noticed Cat Ba is the land full potential, promises a great prosperous tourism industry of the port city of Hai Phong.

After years of searching, learning, coming in 2000, I embarked on official business, to find a path for his career with the company jointly established Speaking of Cat Ba tourism, fascinated me: “For a long time, domestic and foreign tourists have been known to Cat Ba as an ideal tourist destination north of our country. Maybe Cat Ba full convergence properties make ideal land travel: the natural landscape to the great incentives with rolling mountains, forests and rare biosphere on the type of the animal world is red List of the world (especially, red-headed monkey, langur), beaches blend with the forest. Besides, Cat Ba is attractive terrain with paths twisting designed cross mountains and out to sea to give visitors stream emotions when traveling in the car, was seen repeatedly change, but the nature of the new Cat Ba … “

Usually, visitors to Cat Ba town and bathing at Cat Co beach. However, Cat Ba Island also has many great destinations that tourists do not know. It was the Cat Ba National Park with Kim Giao forest, Ngu Lam summit, Quan Y cave, the Central Page … Vietnamese customs and fishing villages, floating village on Beo wharf, Lan Ha Bay with fishing village of Van Price, with light and dark cave cave, Tien Ong cave, with colorful coral reefs and rare. For those who like adventure tourism, the Cat Ba is an ideal destination. Tourists can climb the mountain. sea ​​diving, kayaking, biking forest roads, forest hiking …

In my former company vice president classic sail boats have built the page tour … quite unique. In particular, the Company provides services yachts take tourists sightseeing, sightseeing and exploring all the unique locations on the island. Points that make up this difference created for visitors to enjoy comfort, immersed with nature and freedom to explore new things. Show business services company for yacht rentals traditional boat with 4 systems operate effectively … In addition, the Company is also conducting additional contribution of ships to better meet the needs of tourists guests on major holidays or peak tourism season in years.

To Cat Ba, the Company Ship Sails Classic Cat Ba, tourists can feel safe about respite services and dining with resorts, hotels, motels and restaurants, diverse services to meet all choice of tourists.

The system delivers high-end restaurant delicacies, fresh seafood such as crab, oysters, shrimp, fish … flavor characteristic of waters of Cat Ba.

We can say Cat Ba is the tourist destination a top priority in Northern Vietnam with preferential nature, people and its great climate. Assessment In the future, with the development of commuter traffic, Cat Ba tourism will be the jewel of the North in particular and Vietnam in general and not the tiger as “forest gold silver sea” of our country .

Perhaps less enthusiastic and pursue tourism as me. I said: “The success today is the crystallization of wisdom and labor of a collective whole.”. Not allow himself satisfied with what has been; ‘re at work smoothly, the company business decisions overnight train service and hospitality business for many postal services utility, abundant choices for tourists.

The success of the I originate from, steadfast bravery to overcome any hardship, courage to accept failure to do from the beginning? Business Ideas creative, unique, a vision beyond the present? … Maybe my life is the most complete answer.

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